Why is accounting a vital part in running a successful business?  It’s all about creating the freedom you want for yourself and for the ones you love.  The structure of any business is that money comes in and that the money goes out.  Accounting looks at this closely by recording transactions, analyzing transaction patterns and dealing with common day to day operations like payroll and taxes.  Exactly how is all this accounting really going to help you run a successful business?  Let’s get to a couple of major points.

Why Does Accounting Matter? 

Imagine yourself at your local busy fast food restaurant, you may be thinking that they are doing well because of all those customers sitting down and lined up ready to order.  You could be right and also wrong.  How are they managing their inventory?  Is some of it going to waste unnecessarily?  What about the employees’ pay checks?  Who makes sure that any changes are compliant?  What about federal, provincial and city taxes?  Are they constantly cash-strapped?  Accounting exists to ensure that a business isn’t losing unnecessary money, employees are being paid properly, taxes are correctly filed and up to date, patterns that effect the businesses profits and losses are being watched, and inventory is being paid for.

Tracking business performance

Every single penny that comes and goes from a business needs to be tracked and accounted for.  By properly recording this information and then studying it, accountants can determine the viability of a business and the overall business health.  Are you paying your suppliers on time?  Is the cost of your products taking too big of a bite out of your bottom line?  Is there money that could be saved by doing tasks in house at a lower cost?  Being “hopeful” is not enough to create a successful business.  Anything worth doing takes time and effort.  Take the time to understand your basic cash flow and how to improve functionality and efficiency.  You’ll be glad you did.

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