Payroll Services

Whether your business is a “one-man show,” you have one employee, or you are managing a whole team, making sure that everyone gets their money at the right time is crucial.

We know that calculating wages, deductions, benefits, overtime, vacation pay, bonuses, and remittances is complicated and overwhelming. Trying to decipher all the provincial and federal regulations, along with tax brackets and labour laws, can make you want to pull your hair out. Our team, along with our payroll partners, can eliminate all those hassles for you.

We offer a direct deposit service so all of your employees get their pay deposited directly into their accounts. Plus we will take care of sending all of your remittances to the government to be sure that you remain compliant and avoid nasty penalties. We will also prepare all of your T4s and ROEs.

We offer services weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay runs for hourly wages, job-based pay, commissions, and salaried employees.

Owner Draws, Salaries, Wages, Dividends and Shareholder Loan Withdrawals

No matter what you call them, the funds you take out of your company are often the most misunderstood aspect of running a business. Let us eliminate the mystery and provide you clear guidelines for managing your income. With each of our clients, we determine the best possible method of withdrawing your funds while keeping your overall tax rate as low as possible.