You are putting in the long hours and starting to feel a bit burned out.  Business is not as usual.  You are finding it a struggle to keep up with all the business expenses not to mention the upcoming tax bill around the corner.   Pretending there is no problem does not make the problem go away – it will just compound the consequences.  The good news is, there’s always an option if you are willing to explore it.

If you are unable to pay your tax debt or your scheduled payment arrangement plan with the CRA, they are just a phone call away.  You want to avoid the CRA from taking legal and financial action in order to recover your debt.   If you let them know ahead of time, the CRA will work with you and see what you qualify for.

Let go of what cannot be changed and turn to creating a support system which gets you and your business back on track.  Find out below how the process may look for you.

And if you would rather we speak on your behalf, give us a call and together let’s see what we can do.