In order to properly file tax returns, optimize your business operations, and minimize taxes, all incorporated companies and most proprietorships require some level of bookkeeping.

We understand that some business owners do their own books, have an internal staff member / friend / family member do it, or hire an external third-party bookkeeper. We have seen it all, and have seen varying degrees of success. Any of these options are fine, provided the end product is complete and accurate.

To be brutally honest, our experience has been that the bookkeeping we receive from other sources virtually always contain some degree of mistakes that have to be adjusted before we begin our process. It doesn’t make sense to pay us to repair or redo work that you have already invested money and/or time into. This is why, in general, we believe that something as critical as your company books should be entrusted to professionals. That in mind, we offer two solutions that offer you the accuracy, cost-efficiency, and peace of mind that you deserve.

As part of our full circle packages, we have a custom in-house system that is ideal for those who only need bookkeeping done once a year and who don’t require all the bells and whistles that typical double-entry bookkeeping software includes. Many of our clients run their businesses from a shoebox and our package is perfect for business owners who want to focus their time and energy on what they do best, and leave the messy numbers to us. We are fast, cost-efficient, and we produce a product that is exactly what you need for the government, the bank, or your own internal processes.

For those that do require more frequent reports, job costing, or more analytical tools, we have a strategic partner in Insight Bookkeeping Solutions who can provide customized reporting with exceptional quality. They both onsite and offsite services at affordable rates. Having attempted to work with (and having seen the work of) dozens and dozens of bookkeepers in the city, it’s clear to us they are an exceptional choice. They’ve earned our trust and we are confident they will earn yours as well.