Starting in the 2007 tax year, the “Children’s fitness amount” credit was introduced to help cover the costs of fees for physical fitness programs for children 16 and under. For many years, the maximum claim was $500 per child, which worked out to a possible $75 tax savings. For 2014, this limit was increased to $1,000. However, as a non-refundable tax credit, this did not benefit lower income families who did not have net tax payable.

This credit has been changed for 2015 and now it is a “refundable tax credit”. That means that even if you have no taxable income at all, you can still get a refund of up to $150 per child.

We did have quite a few of these credits reviewed by CRA this year and many of the receipts were denied because they didn’t have one specific piece of information or another. If you have questions about a specific program or if your receipt is valid, let us help you.