A single parent income tax return is one of the most reviewed returns by the Canada Revenue Agency.

To avoid delays with either your income tax refund and/or your child tax benefits please bring the following information to your appointment.

  • Court order or custody agreement, if you do not have these we can provide you with a form that is to be completed by both parents.
  • You should also bring ID for the children, the birth certificate, Alberta Health card and passports are the best options.
  • If you and the other parent have no communication you can bring a letter from a child care provider, family doctor, dentist, or lawyer to name a few. The letter must state that the person is aware of your situation and knows that the child/children reside with the parent that is attaching the child/children to their income tax return

If you share custody of a child or children, both parties have to agree who will claim the child/children. One can claim one year and the other can claim the next year. If there is more than one child one parent can claim one and the other can claim the other. This allowed only in a shared custody situation and only if you are not paying child support for that child.