Meet Teri Tetreault

Teri has worked in the tax accounting industry since December of 2001, and has survived 14 tax seasons so far.

At his prior employment, Teri was a Tax Supervisor and trainer for all of the new and senior client service staff for Western Canada. He has extensive experience with tax succession planning (especially for self-employed taxpayers), reviewing historical files for optimization, audit representation, and of course, personal and corporate tax preparation. Since creating Pi Business Solutions in 2007, Teri has gained a great deal of knowledge about corporate governance, corporate tax planning, Quickbooks, and business management. Teri has Bachelor’s degrees in Physics (2001) and Accounting (2010).

Unsurprisingly, his interest and skill with numbers came early. Teri was always near the top of his classes in Math and Science (giant nerd – you know the type), and many of his hobbies and previous jobs have had an element of calculation to them; a big fan of games of all sorts, he has fun optimizing strategies even where chance is a factor.

When Teri takes time off, he is spending time with family, writing fiction, playing soccer, or trying to fill every page of his passport.