Meet Paula Da Corte

Paula’s interest in accounting began later on in her academic career as she was studying International Relations at the University of Calgary and decided to attend an accounting class that sparked her interest.

She saw accounting as more than just numbers; she saw it as a tool used to determine an organization’s wealth and profitability and as a means to forecast future budgets and financial goals. She then transferred majors and ended up graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Accounting.

Since then, she’s been working at Pi Business Solutions Ltd. as a Corporate Bookkeeper, helping clients attain their financial goals. Her main role is to provide financial reporting services, personal and corporate tax planning and tax preparation services. Paula believes that with her current team at Pi and the right combination of knowledge and expertise, they can provide sound advice to determine growth strategies and financial planning for a wide range of businesses.

When Paula is not at the office, you might spot her off-roading on her 4X4 or spending the weekend camping in the outdoors.